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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 293

I have decided to blog early today. I am not in the best of health, with getting just about 4-5 hours of sleep daily, i am bloody exhausted. Tomorrow is the day when the Allahabad High Court Will announce the verdict of the long long standing case of the Ayodhya Land Dispute. Besides being Independent India's longest going legal battle, it has also been one of the most controversial cases every dealt with. On one hand, ever since India had a channelized legal system in the mid 18th century, legally speaking, the land belongs to the WAQF board which is a muslim Trust. On the other hand, the faith of 1.5 billion Hindus world wide believe that the land on which the mosque was razed in 1992 used to have a Hindu Temple dedicated to Ram - The epitome of Hindus worldwide. So this becomes a classic catch 22 situation between legality and faith. The archeological survey of India has proved, in its excavations, that there were signs of a hindu temple that was destroyed 500 odd years back. But its like this, the land where my current apartment is built would have, in all possibilities,  belonged to Portuguese and before that to, maybe, some Koli Fishermen and before that to some ancient Indian Kingdom. So, even though legally speaking, my society owns the land, does that mean that if some descendant of the Portuguese king of the ancient kingdom comes, i should give it to him / her ?
Please note that i am not taking any sides here, where the Ayodhya land issue is concerned. At one point of time, i was always in the favour of the land being given back to the Hindus to build a temple.
But over the years, i have come to a conclusion, that religion, is the opium of the masses. In my true opinion, it is in the interest of the nation and its citizens that the land be given for military use only. Build a military complex where no civilian will be allowed (Like many military areas in Bombay). Make it a high security zone which can be used for any Military exercises or perhaps built a Military aviation station.
Its useless building a temple or a hospital or a school or a library or even any other charitable institution because the civilians will repeat what happened in 1992.
And i sincerely hope and pray that the verdict, is respected tomorrow and it does not come in the favour of Litigant or the petitioner.

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