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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 291

Another week has started. Its getting more and more closer towards my trip to France. I sincerely hope its a smooth hill drive and there wont be any obstacles. The weekend was routine with eating out and movies. On friday evening, i went out with Purav, his mum and my mum to Govindas. Being in a more spiritual mood, i decided to go to the temple for a 10-15 minute satsang session with Krishna himself. Purav was stunned looking at the statue. Had a good meal and had to end it quick as Purav was getting cranky and wanted to sit in the car and he only gets normal when the car is stationery. Kids, specially little boys, have an amazing fascination with cars and trains. Saturday and Sunday were spent watching 2 movies - Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps (Read my review on 
I also saw an interesting abstract movie - The Men who stared at Goats. Worth watching for an unusual climax. Also managed to watch half of Adam Sandler's Funny Men till the DVD gave its way.
It was a pain waking up on Monday Morning because i slept almost 4 hours on Sunday Afternoon and i couldnt get sleep on Sunday Night.
Monday was routine hectic work but i managed to leave office on time. While driving home i saw that the temperature inside the car was 40 degrees Celsius. It was so hot i couldnt even switch on the AC as the cooling wouldnt be vibrant. Even with a temperature set at 18 degrees, the lowest, my internal car temperature, would be 25 or 26 at max. And that is hot as well.
Anyways i came home, sweaty, tired and just crashed on the sofa with a splitting headache. I woke up after an hour refreshed and had to go for a shower. Only to discover that parts of my body had heat boils. Looks like the AC in my room is going to be on for a more longer time today. I also won a good hand in online Poker and even managed to get a hand of 4 Aces.
I also found out that today is the 103rd Birth Anniversary of Bhagat Singh. For those who didnt know, Bhagat Singh was a famous Revolutionary whose single point agenda was to gain Total independence from the British and was even sent to the Gallows at a young age of 23.
For more details -
I am also reading, simultaneously, a book by Kuldip Nayar called - Without Fear - The Life & trial of Bhagat Singh. This book focuses more on the all the trials of Bhagat Singh till the time he was sent to the  Gallows. This is, perhaps, the only known reference to Bhagat Singh that was ever available.
Withe people like Subhashchandra Bose, Ernesto Givera and Bhagat Singh, we see revolutionaries who genuinely worked for the uplift of the less fortunate and for the freedom of the country (While the Argentinian born Guvera fought for Cuba - His aim was a single Spanish Speaking South America), Singh and Bose fought for India. All 3 of them died a martyr's death.
As the old poem goes:-

Jis Dhaj se koi maqtal mein gaya, woh shaan salamat rehti hai,
Yeh Jaan to aani jaani hai, is jaan ki koi baat nahi.

(It is the dignity with which one goes to death that is remembered by all, What of life, it comes and goes...)
Long Live Revolution !!!

 Bhagat Singh - 27th September - 1907 - 23rd March 1931

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