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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 287

Its been another torturous week at work and i am really looking forward to the weekend. The less sleeping hours, insomnia, tons of work, odd working hours, movies (Zatoichi), mom's rock concert all night every night, poker, facebook, family get together(On a sunday afternoon of all the days), eating for 2 persons(As compared to 4 people that i do when we go out)....In short, Madness...Madness..Madness...
Son seulement 1 et une moitié de mois jusqu'à mes vacances beaucoup attendues.
Today, after many days, i was watching TV in the afternoon. They were showing The Dark Knight on one channel, The Prestige on another channel and Insomnia on a 3rd channel. And next week it will be Batman Begins. Looks like the Christopher Nolan fan club has reached tall proportionate heights. In a while, i will go to sleep. Wish to wind up early today. Tomorrow is a long day and i cant wait for it to end. Got back to back meetings between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM...and how i hate attending them.
So will just tire myself by playing a few games of poker and then its back to bed.
An interesting concept that i saw online.
Check out the picture.

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