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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 282 ends..283 begins..

So if anyone if you are wondering, where was I the last few days, well.. I was around. I was so bloody tired of working all day that i just didnt get capacity to to write any blog. Somehow the last few days have been quite taxing workwise. I thought i would leave on time but i always end up leaving an hour after my shift end time. Since i was working this saturday(And i thank god for that) , i, once again, managed to do nearly 2 days of work in 1 day. That is one burden of my shoulder. I came home in the afternoon and just surfed the net for a while and slept for sometime in the evening. Went out for a movie - "Dabaang" with a couple of school friends. A perfect leave your brain at home film. It would have been awesome had the movie been made in Tamil with Rajnikant in the lead. Now that would have been something. Today i read something very interesting article in the newspapers. I felt i must write something about it. Today, i read, that on 24th September 2010, The Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court will pronounce its judgement on the 60-year-old Ayodhya title suits.
For those who do not follow Indian Politics, This is one of the oldest Civil case in the history of Independent India. Ayodhya, happens to be, as the legend goes, the birth place of Ram. One of the most respected deity of Hindus. For centuries, there was, it is said, a temple built in Ayodhya at the exact place where Ram was born. That was nearly 5000 years back. In 1538, the first Mughal King, Babar has said to have ordered the destruction of the temple to built a mosque. In 1960,o ne Gopal Singh Visharad, seeked an injunction for permitting 'pooja' (worship) of Ram at the disputed site. This has been a trigger for lot of communal riots that have taken place, and was majorly a trigger for the 1992 communal riots and the subsequent 1993 Bombay Communal Riots between the Hindus and the Muslims. There are 2 sides to the coins. The current and maybe even the past 10 generations of Muslims are no where involved in the destruction of the temple and some of the innocent ones were mercilessly butchered in one of the worst sectarian violence since the 1947 Indo-Pak Partition. There is another side to the coin, one of the Hindu Supporters said on National TV - That Scientists today may debate the claim whether Jesus Christ actually resurrected after being crucified but no one can destroy the faith of billions of Christians world wide. So why should anyone question or destroy the faith that there was Ram and There was a temple built in that place which was destroyed and a mosque was built in its place.
I do not know what the judgment is going to be. What i do know, is that whether the defendant or the litigant does not agree with the judgment, they can always approach the Supreme Court for Justice. No single party, legally speaking, has to accept the judgment at face value unless its been pronounced by the Supreme court of India. 
I would hope that there are no untoward incidents that take place and if the Legal Eagles have any brains, they should actually make the whole disputed site as a military area or a Military Headquarters so that no Civil Person can ever claim it.
There was one person(and i am sure you would know who i am referring to) said that the place should not have a mosque or a temple. Instead it should be a national memorial place where one can build a hospital or a school. Frankly, i feel that, in the interest of the nation, that place should be militarized. It will be a win-win situation or all parties concerned. 
Some of you may think, why the hell am i writing all of this ?
Because I felt i should pour my heart out.
Your thoughts are welcome.

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