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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 277

I had a rejuvenating last 3 days. Extended weekend meant that i could spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Friday was the start of the Prajushan. After the routine morning prayers, we headed off to a place called Fort Jadhavgadh which is off the Pune-Satara highway. This is, what will soon be, a heritage structure which has been converted in to a mini resort. Needless to say, i enjoyed it. The climate was amazing. With temperatures touching nearly 15-16 degrees, and with the fort situated on the "Ghat". In Marathi, Ghat stands for a difficult passage on a mountain. In rural Maharashtra, one will find many such forts. Swimming in the cold water of the pool had a different charm of its own. Traveling on the Bombay-Pune Expressway was amazing and with the fabulous food courts near the Toll Post, we had a good time. In the next few days i will upload a few pictures of the fort. Sunday evening was a bit taxing and hence Monday i had to take a work off from work (Which means i will be working on either of the weekends - Job Hazard I guess). I was, somehow, feeling extremely low on Sunday evening and the whole of monday. I guess something in my sub conscious was bothering me. I slept for sometime in the afternoon today and between yesterday and today, i watched a couple of movies - The Number 23 and Sau Jhooth Ek Sach. Both are not run of the mill movies and the former one can be taxing to the brain. I guess it was not really the right time to see these flicks, but what the heck !!!
Its nearing Sleeping time, have to wake at 2:30 AM tomorrow and havent had proper food since yesterday afternoon. The pizzas were so heavy that all i did today was have soya milk and some munchies but no lunch and i guess no dinner as well.
I am absolutely detesting going to work tomorrow after a grueling last week but somehow i must gather strength and last for the week.
Well, good night for now.

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