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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 273

The last 4 days(including today) have been quite trying. The workload has been increasing. Since i had a day's leave tomorrow, i extended my work hour for about an hour so that i dont have any pending work for the week. I also happened to see 2 Vintage classics on DVD - Once Upon a time in the west and 12 Angry Men. Both outstanding movies. The immortal Hindi Classic - Sholay is heavily inspired from the former.
Now to more serious things.
Apart from the usual workload, there was another shocking news. Someone i know very well for almost half a decade was asked to leave. Why ? Those would be the reason best left between the management and that person. But i still think nothing was so fucked up that a person will be asked to leave. Some of you who are reading this blog, may just know who i am referring to. I knew Corporate world was as ruthless as the Jungle and somehow the values that organizations tend to teach you are only good on papers.
We live in a country where Paper Tigers have upper hand and where Lions are lead by lambs. The meek are oppressed and anyone who even shows signs of having a difference of opinion with his reporting officer at work is politely shown the exit.
The corporate world is no different from how slaves were treated. While the slaves were physically drained out and more, the "White collared labourers" are mentally drained out and once that happens, they even drain you out more. And no one complains. After all, its a matter of survival.
But we are living in a country, which once upon a time, was ruled by Slaves. Where one small brown man in Loincloth defied the mighty British empire without raising a finger. Where one infantry soldier dared to raise his voice for his principle and which devastated 100 years of a Company rule (The company rule was no different from the current corporate world). Where one young man laughed his ways to the gallows knowing 1 small bomb attack shook the nation. Where 1 man formed his own army and made friends withe enemy of the enemy and almost liberated the country from foreign rule. Where 1 lady had the balls to command killing of the fucking terrorists who took refuge in on of the most holiest shrines in the country.
We may never get these heroes / heroines in the current world, but each one of us can strive to be like them.
Fight injustice i say. Fight for what is right. Fight till you can. But fight you must.
Good night and God bless.
Tomorrow - I am off to an undisclosed location. Good bye and good luck.

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