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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 268

It is said that if you are awake for more than 14-15 hours a day, its equivalent of being intoxicated and waking up next day is worse than an hangover. This is exactly what happened to me today morning. I was awake since 1:30 AM last night. During my office hours, i took a 35 minute break and was almost up in neck with work. Afterwards i went for a pizza lunch with a friend and ate some real fattening pizza. Coming back home was torture because it was extremely hot outside and i was profoundly sweating. After that i went to a tour operator as i wanted to know the best rates available for my much awaited trip to Paris in November this year. After that i went to my mum's old home(Where she spent most of her childhood and college years right till her marriage) and as she is getting it renovated i wanted to ensure that everything is done right. It was a refreshing sight to see a house, which was nearly a ghost-house turn in to something which someone can stay. Bought back lots of memories, when as a kid, i used to stay there with my grand paremts and great grand parents and how Nani(Mom's mom) used to make some lovely snacks and i used to eat like a pig. LOL. (I havent changed much have i ?? ). Then while coming back home, i was on the phone for nearly an hour speaking to one of my office colleagues about how he is being made victim of some office politics. Hopefully everything will go fine with him. Then i had a quick shower and had to again rush out to give a packet of money to a friend. (Dont ask why, someone who may read this blog may come to know :) :) ) I also took Purav out for a drive and stood at the Queens road near the railway tracks. At the same location where Dad used to take Kashyap and me when we were kids to see the trains. And how kids get fascinated by trains, specially little boys. It was nostalgic to see purav enjoy the trains. Those were the days. The 80s.

And i came home and crashed in to the sofa. I slept at 11 PM and woke up at 3 AM. Just to go to my bedroom and crash again to wake up at 10 AM. I got symptoms which were worse than an hangover but i survived till the afternoon. I again crashed in bed at 1PM and woke up at 3 PM to get ready to go for a small birthday party of a neighbor's 1 year old daughter. Staying there for a while, i took Mom for a movie - We are famaily. This is India's first official hollywood remake and this one is of Stepmom. Decent fare but not too much to write about. We went for dinner to Kailash Parbat - Colaba and mom enjoyed it because Dad used to take her there often when he was alive. When i came home, 2 of my favorite kiddos, Aarnav and Purav were happily watching The Gummy Bear Videos on youtube. While Aarnav desperately wanted to see Dinosaucers, i admire his patience and he sat through the entire gummy bear cartoons just so that little Purav could have his food. Purav never has his food if he doesnt watch Gummy bear on youtube. Which reminds me when i was his age, i never used to have food till "Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi main aaye" was played on the tape recorder (Does anyone remember that device ?? ). How time flies. And i thought before hitting the sacks, let me write the blog, least i offend some regular readers for not updating it in the last few days.
Last couple of days i also saw two movie - The Clearing (Based on a true life kidnapping incident) and the now famous - Glengary Glen Rose. The former was an interesting movie while the latter is now an immortal classic. A must watch for everyone in the corporate world, specifically in the department of sales. Al Pacino rocks. Wonder why was he nominated for the best supporting actor when really it was his movie throughout.

Well, enough of me now. I will go to sleep.

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