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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 265

Murder by Death --> One of the most amazing murder mystery cum comedy with an impressive star cast. It was a good way to end a monday night. Work was very routine, last 3 days so really nothing much to write about. Sadly i am back to doing a 4 AM shift for a couple of weeks because my TL is in an interview panel which requires him to be in office till 8 PM. So lets see how far i can stretch. It was also been raining extremely heavily since two days so today's sunshine was a welcome relief. Welcome, because the extreme rains lead to extreme flooding in most of the low lying areas in the city. Such that it required boats to navigate the road. I have attached a couple of pictures for all my friends who dont stay in the city. The roads are not at all visible and it seems as if one is in a lake. This is purely due to the lack of basic infrastructure facilities by the City's municipal corporation. At one time, BMC was the richest civic bodies in the world and now its one of the worst. I often feel what is the purpose of paying taxes if this is the infrastructure we are going to live with ?
I am looking more and more forward to Diwali 2010 when i am dying to take a week's break and just fly out of India(Hopefully) for a vacation and just away from this maddening crowd. Please do pray that things go as per plan.
So what next ? Well, i will go to sleep in a while. I had a real tiring evening last night and spent almost 2 hours driving home. Still exhausted.

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