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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 262

What a relaxing weekend after another tiresome, rainy week. I wont say what i did on the weekdays because it was routine work. Friday was well spent. I dont like any social get together but i made a rare exception. In the evening, well late night for me really, i was at a cousin's house for a nice dinner. I felt a bit awkward because i am a very reserved person but gradually did indulge in some small talk with her fiance. Some of our mutual friends from school came over and we had a hearty laugh remembering the good ol' school days. I reached home at neary 2 AM and was dead asleep. Woke up by 9 and didnt do anything till noon. Then i went out with Kashyap and Purav to buy some software CDS. By the time we came home , 3 of us were exhausted due to the extreme heat. I slept for a while in the afternoon and in the evening i went for an early dinner with the fat guy at 5 spice in Bandra. I didnt have any alcohol but we surely ate a meal for 4 people. Came home, tired and weary i slept till 11:30 in the morning. Sunday was routine with Newspapers, Online poker and movie in the afternoon. Saw Aashayein and it was a perfect sunday watch. Had a nice dinner at The Sun and now i am home writing the blog and enjoying the rains. I sure wish it would rain for sometime in the afternoons at well. The heat of monsoons can be extremely killing. And life goes on. Good night till then.

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