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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 256

And Monday arrives. Monday is the root of all evil - so said someone. Well, it was a routine monday. Chaotic. Just when i thought i would have it easy, i have another 10 Kgs of escalation piling and waiting to be done because they are so complex that only one person can have it resolved. I just eagerly wait for the day to get over. After work, i go to Phoenix Mills Shopping Mall. Since i had bout 45 minutes left for the start of the show, i decide to shop for my cousin who is coming tomorrow for Raksha Bandhan. For those who dont know, please refer to the following URL:-

There are 3 people in the world who tie me Rakhi. I will introduce you to each one of them. Alpa, who is happily married and a cousin from the maternal side of my family. She is in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. She usually sends me rakhi by regular mail. Then its Sneha, a cousin from my paternal side of the family who is about to tie the knot in a few months. And lastly, Meghna. Meghna isnt related but she is a friend's wife and is like a sister i never had. She has helped me quite a lot during my turbulent times and if ever there was a perfect woman, i would recommend her name.
I bought gifts for Sneha and Meghna, knowing they will come during this week. What were those gifts ? Well, i wont spoil the surprise for them, least anyone of them is reading the blog. Will divulge once i actually give it to them.
Also saw, Lafangey Parindey today. Decent movie, except the Hindi Street Slang is a bit too much.
But i was absolutely mesmerized looking at Deepika Padukone. This tall, slightly dusky lass, looks ravishing. She does not exactly have all the "assets" but she  is awesome to look at.
Well, i have come home now and had a meal of Pav Bhaji without the Pav and i am quite tired.
Will sleep in a while.
Good Night.

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