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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 255

Its been a very interesting weekend. I woke up at 8 AM on  a saturday. Just couldnt get sleep. So i did what i could do the best. I watched a movie :P.....Watched Mississippi Burning. Interesting movie. After quite a few days i had some home made pasta for lunch. Was feeling ultra bored and super ultra awake in the afternoon so decided to go for a movie. Saw Grown Ups. Typical Adam Sandler movie. With share of typical below-the-belt humor, it was worth a typical weekend fare. Then Uncle Scrooge decided its shopping time for Purav so we went to Landmark and shopped for some of his toys. I bought myself 2 huge posters of Iron Maiden and Harley Davidson. Looks pretty impressive. Maybe in the next few days i will upload it here for everyone to see. And then i bumped in to a special friend - Avanti. It was pleasantly nice chatting after nearly a year. Somehow we meet each other just once a year in person and i believe the quota for this year is up :) :) :) Let me confess,(In case you are reading this blog) you were looking very pretty -- :)
Then we went to the grocery store and bought some stuff for home and had some grub at the food court.
I had to wind up early but couldnt get sleep before 10 PM.
Sadly had to wake at 2 AM as i had work by 3:30 AM. Fortunately was not feeling tired and today i managed to do almost 3 days of work in 1 day. Beat all my previous weekend working records. This despite taking 2 very large breaks (By my standards but they were within 60 minutes overall). I also caught up with an old colleague at office - Namit "Break Dancer" Patil. We had some yummy breakfast at McDonalds. Its one of the other occupational hazards of working in a BPO. You may be colleagues. You may work in the same company and sometimes even in the same office space. But you still end up meeting only once a year or so. LOL.
Then i caught up with the fat guy for some nice sunday lunch at sea lords. As usual, we ate for multiple people. This time atleast for 4 and had a few large pegs of old monk between us. We had some nice meaningful conversations (After effects of drinks) and ended it with a nice gigantic paan :) :)
Came home and was so sloshed that i just hit the sofa and didnt realise how peacefully i slept for 2 hours. Even an earthquake wouldnt have woke me up.
Now i will just surf the net for a while and the hit slumberland. The week promises to be long (Specially since i will be working for nearly 6 days at a stretch) but very peaceful as a chunk of my work is ahead and even ahead of schedule.
Good night folks!!!

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