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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 253

Torture Torture Torture. Waking at 4:30 AM was a torture. After innumerable snooze, i woke at 5:15. Didnt want to take the car but was forced as i would have got late otherwise. The day started well. Fortunately people were not at logger heads and it was a perfect friday mood. So i didnt get to do much work. Today, after many many days, i had a hearty laugh at office. We had a weekly meet with our quality team, and 2 of my colleagues, Navin and Abbas were in ultra-good mood and decided to just crack jokes and we were laughing our guts out.  By the time the meet ended and we resumed work, i had a truck load of work. But i guess i will be able to do it on Sunday. Well, friday night and i will just watch some tv, read some papers and then sleep till noon tomorrow. Its fun to sleep till late on a saturday. God is great. Good night and god bless you all.

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