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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 252

It was a decent day to be off from work. Its sad that i will have to work on a sunday and that too fucking early morning. But such is life. I did quite a bit today, but i dont wish to share that over the net, because only 6 people i know knew where i was this morning and i wish to keep it that way. When i came home in the afternoon, i had a nice lunch with mom at one of our favourite restaurant, The Sun. After quite a few days. i slept for a few hours in the afternoon. I had the most bizarre dream, and i shared that with the Fat Guy today and we both agreed that it seemed very very real. Evening time was usual. Was helping feed Purav while he was watching his favourite postman pat theme song on youtube. Then there was the usual Evening rock concert in my house with Mom as the lead vocalist cum drummer cum guitarist and with full of explicit yet meaningful lyrics. Well, thats all for the day i guess.
Good Night.

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