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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 251

It's the man who waits for his ship to come in who's always missing the boat. Someone said that, and its very relevant. Today, i dont feel like writing about how was the work day today. Or whether i will be sleeping till noon tomorrow. Or how much i ate today. Or whether i will be watching any movie before i sleep. Tonight, i will just talk. Lot of people, and its very human, wait for opportunities to come. They dont wish to move out of their comfort zone and want to lead a safe life, hoping that maybe, just maybe, there will be a better opportunity that will come their way and they will prosper. Well, whenever you have developed a comfort zone, and yearn to get an even more comfortable zone, you need to ensure you dont miss the boat and wait for a ship. The ship may never arrive and the boat which came also goes away. Your comfort zone may provide you monetary benefits and you may seek more monetary. Or else these benefits may not be a primary concern but you may seek peace of mind. Anything is possible. You need to weigh all the options and then decide what is best for you. But remember to distinguish between an opportunity and misfortune. This is where one needs to take calculated risks and no one can judge an opportunity if one does not take calculated risks.
Food for thought over the night (or morning, depending on which part of the latitude/longitude you are in) ???

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