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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 250

Its been 2 days since i have blogged. Its just one of those times when i dont feel like writing anything. Mainly, because there is nothing unroutine (For a lack of better word) that is happening in my life. Between Sunday and today, i managed to see 2 movies. Once Upon  a Time in America and Aisha. The former was a flop when it released but achieved cult classic status when it was released on Video. Aisha, surprisingly, was not half bad. Its also been raining, cats and dogs, since the last 2 days, and its becoming extremely difficult to get up to go to work. With an amazing cool weather, rains and wind, the last thing one wants to do is wake up at 4:30 AM to go to work. When, i could have been easily, in my bed, under the blanket and in Slumberland. But that is what normal people with normal jobs would do. But for me, ever since i was born, there was only 1 fundamental on which my life was based - Normal is what ? Workwise has been the usual mayhem or BAU(Depends on how you see it which depends on your mood for that day). Tomorrow is 1 more day before a mid week work off, as i have to work on a Sunday :( :( -- BPO working hazzards. Hopefully i will finish all my work and sleep till noon on Thursday. Its also sad to see so many people in my office getting the ongoing flu and literally forced to come to work. Strangely, despite all my unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy life style, i havent fall sick once in the last 3 and a half years. And in the last 7 years, i have got a high temperature only 3-4 times, the last time being January 2007. Strange is the way of nature. Not that i have any issues, but i sure do hope i get such a high fever, that i will literally be on bed rest for a week or so, and i will get to sleep till late. I believe my body is crying for a break from work.
Well, thats all that there is there to this blog. Hope to write more tomorrow.

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