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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 244

What a nice 2 days it have been for me. Yesterday i came home, and tried, unsuccessfully using the pc because the mouse had mood swings and wouldn't function. So i just gave up, had early dinner and went to bed by 7:30. Since i am not used to sleeping so early, i did watched one half of Goodfellas on my portable DVD player. What a movie. Scorsese rocks. I woke up at 4:30, feeling a bit good to go to work today. Prime reason --> today i completed 7 years at work. Its been a long long long journey. In these last 7 years, i have been acquainted with over 700 people and i am close friends with a few of them. Not a single day has passed when i have not learned something new. Seen so many ups and downs and life in these 7 years has been a big teacher, both professionally and personally. Using this blog as a platform i would like to thank 2 people from bottom of my heart for giving me all support during my ups and downs, both professionally and personally. One is Chaitanya and the other is Subramanian aka Subbu aka Fat Guy. You guys, probably, know everything that has been going on and have been nothing short of Shrinks while dealing with a very stubborn Patient :) :) :) Its surprising that despite working in the same organization 3 of us never had the opportunity to meet together. But i am sure one of these days we would catch up. I would also like to mention a special thanks to an extremely close friend of mine in my professional life - Junaid, who helped me nurture in my new department and gave me all the support required as a colleague and even taught me a few tricks of the trade :) :). He even helps me in dealing with some of my personal problems in the most unbiased way possible. Thank you everyone otherwise who have knowingly or unknowingly helped me grow as a person in all the aspects in the most adventurous 7 years of my life. 
Would love to write more, except, the MTNL Triband connection is working at the speed of a VSNL shared dial up connection of 1999 :) :)
Before i end, i would earnestly request all of you who stay in Bombay, to support the campaign against using the Auto Rickshaws and Taxis (Black and Yellow ones) for tomorrow. I will be going to office from the railway station using the company bus service and will probably do the same thing while coming back. If that option is not available, i will walk the distance. But i will definitely not take the rickshaw. Lets hope this one is a tremendous success. Over 20000 people are supporting this cause.
Good night and god bless you all.

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