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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 242

In the last 24 hours, lot of things have happened,
1) Finally managed to watch Nayagan in its original Tamil Version. Awesome Movie. And it was without any subtitles.
2) Ate like a pig. Cheeze Pizza, Corn Cheese Balls, Beans and Cheese Tacos for dinner.
 (Notice how cheese is such a prominent part of my diet)
3) Started to watch a Scorsese Classic - Goodfellas (Notice how watching movie is such a prominent feature in my routine life).
4) Took nearly 30 escalations (highest ever in a single day during my 2 years capacity as a knowledge coach) in a day (and a couple of more to go which i have pended for tomorrow)
5) Bought the much coveted 1TB Network Hard Drive for Rs 7000 only (Damn Cheap and the same thing is available in Chroma and other branded electronic store for Rs 9000).
6) Managed to connect 2 Laptops and 1 PC in my house to the network drive and in short all the computers in my house are now connected to one another. My house now resembles a small office. We have, just about everything that is required to make a complete IT system.
 7) Mom had gone to her dad's building and the car was strategically parked below a construction site and SHAZAMMM!!! There was huge piece of concrete that fell on the hood of the car (from the 43rd floor of an under construction building). The car is royally fucked. Along with it there were 7 other cars that were fucked (Inclduing a mercedes benz). Mom being super mom, took the car to the repair centre quickly and fortunately the damage was not as high as expected. Rs 22000 which will be repaid by the mother fucking builder whose dangerous construction site caused the damage.
Its been an eventful day and now i guess i shall just go to sleep. With mom totally mind fucked about the car being smashed and removing her frustrations on others, i think i should just shut the room till morning with a DND sign outside.
An interesting fact from Google Analytics --> I have got visitors from Taiwan and Denmark in the last couple of days. :) This means now people from 23 countries worldwide have viewed the blog.
Thank you very much people. I do not know who is actually reading the blog, but a big thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Once again i would really love if you could share your views / thoughts and just write about anything.

Good Night and God Bless.

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