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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 241

Its been the most tiring 3 days. Yesterday work was BAU. Went out, after years, for a team outing. We went to this small resort - West Palm Beach(But no beach in sight for miles) in Vasai. This is a small resort situated in the interiors of Vasai Village - about 50 Kms away from Bombay. With lush outfields, swimming pool and a decent eatery, this one is a perfect get a way if you are with friends or with your loved one. Run by a catholic family, this one is a perfect budget joint where you can just chill and relax on a weekend. So, although i detest going anywhere after office, unless its a movie or a dinner/lunch with close friends, this one was not half bad. Came home at nearly 1 AM. Had a nice hot shower and then went off to sleep by 2:30 AM. I had a splitting headache and stomach ache the whole of saturday because i woke up at 10 AM and i had planned to wake up at 2 PM but wasnt getting enough sleep. So i did nothing except play with Purav and then caught up with The Fat Guy and Avtaar Baba to see Predators. Unlike what people may think, Predators is NOT a remake of the original Predator. It is just taking the whole franchisee forward. Interesting flick for all ye predators fans only. Then we went to a resto-bar in Chembur called Adarash. Strange. The last time i went there, it was December 2005 after watching an evening show at IMAX - of a movie starring Adrien Brody. Today, we went there after nearly 4 and a half years fter watching an evening show at IMAX - of a movie starring Adrien Brody. We also ended up ordering more or less same stuff we ordered last time. LOL. De Ja Vu ?? And now i am back, and in a while i shall sleep.
Today i was also thinking about a movie that i watched over the weekend, after ages  - JP Dutta's Ghulami. One of the most under rated movies in the history of Indian Cinema. A must watch. What performances by all the star cast.
A wonderful song from the movie.
Good Night and God Bless you all.

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