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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 238

Off the late, i am not regular with my blogs. The main reason is, fatigue. Everyday i come home, thinking that i will go to the gym and work out, but i am so tired that i just eat food and go to sleep. These last few days, most of my spare time is spent sleeping. The days seem to just drag. All i do is work, come home, have dinner, sleep, wake in the morning, go to work and the cycle continues. Weekends are spent majorly in sleeping. Mundane life. This is when one of my friends came up with a status on Facebook - "Day by day nothing changes ..but when you look back everything IS different." This is so true. Work, thankfully, has been routine and fortunately not too much stress, but a vacation still eludes. Lets see how things work out in the next few weeks. 
An update from Google Analytics - Another country, from where, someone has viewed the blog. This time, its Hungary - The famous country where Transylvania is located - The home of the famous Count Dracula. And i know who has been reading my blog from Hungary - :)
To that someone from Hungary --> Thank you so much...It was wonderful to chat with you online, the other day. Felt quite better that someone, whom i have met barely 2 times in my life, has concerns about me.
Thanks so much.
Well, now its the usual dinner time and then hitting the sacks.
Good night.

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