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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 235

I am back. What did i do for the last 4 days ?
Well, in a nutshell, Between 02:00 AM on 31/07/2010 and 04:.30 AM on 02/08/2010 i slept for nearly 32 hours. On Friday evening, i went to a friend's place in Kandivali(Which is a Bombay Suburb). We have known each other since 1999. We have been friends through the net. Although we have barely met less than 10 times in these last 11 years, we have a common hobby. Undying love for all kind of movies. And the more funny part is that although we met on the net, i ended up chatting more with his wife online than him. Practically, Shalini and yours truly have been chatting almost every evening since the last 1 year and talk all kind of nonsense. So, being a good host, she invited me over to her place, we had a few drinks, had some good food and discussed movies. It was fun. I reached home at aroun 1 AM and by the time i hit sacks, it was 2 AM. I slept for 12 hours and woke at 2 PM next day. Mom was all grumbling, but thats her issue not mine. I paid her back by taking her out to Once upon a time in Mumbai at Inox. Although i didnt think too much about the movie, mom loved it. Had dinner and went off to sleep by 11 PM. Woke next day at nearly 11 PM and then was ready to go out for a nice lunch with the Fat Boy and Avtaar Baba. Both of them were visibly angry because the first restaurant that i suggested, New Yorkers at Matunga, was shut. The 2nd restaurant, Oven Fresh, didnt seem too much of a restaurant to them as both of them were dying to sink their teeth in some meat. So we finally ended up going to the Spaghetti Kitchen at Lower Parel and after 30 minutes of wait, we ate like pigs. Imagine 4 rounds of 13 inches pizzas between 3 of us. And not a morsel left at the end. All's well that ends well. Came home, surfed the net and then slept by 07:30 PM. Woke at 4:30 AM and came to work. What could have been a relatively calm day was spent (Atleast 90 minutes of that) in playing a co-counselor(Alongside my Team Leader) to an over sensitive colleague. I seriously wish, people would rise above trivial issues and concentrate more on their work rather than anything else. Well, we dont live in an ideal world and i definitely dont work in an ideal company.
Just got an update, i have someone reading my blog from a new country. This time its Japan.
Thank you my friend, whoever you are.
Good night and God Bless you all.

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