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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 231

This week is going very slow. Cant believe there is 1 whole day at work remaining, as i write this blog. I am so awfully tired. Eagerly awaiting for the weekend so i can sleep for hours and hours. Work was B.A.U. Coming back home was a pain because it was raining quite a bit and getting an Auto-Rickshaw to the station can be a pain. I feel most of the times, the only place that i get peaceful sleep is in the loo or while commuting in the suburban trains. My house is a major chaotic place where every night, i feel, we come close to getting a real life version of the ending of Macbeth. What i desperately need, is a big big break from everything. I seriously wonder when will that time come this year. I seriously hope that i manage to get leaves this Diwali and i hope to fly to France for a much deserved holiday. Please pray that the dream comes true.
Interesting trivia about my blogs. As of today, since its inception, 396 different people worldwide have viewed the blog from 19 countries world wide. Some of the countries from where my blog is being read is Brazil, Greece, Spain and New Zealand. I seriously wish people would leave their comments, share their thoughts on the blog. It would be wonderful to hear from you.
Well, in a while i shall sleep. Here's wishing powderbaba a very happy birthday.

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