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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 229

Another day at work...boy i was so tired but i finally managed to wake up by 5 and managed to reach office a bit late than usual. What i thought would have had been a peaceful day at work turned out to be a day when i had to play a negotiator between 2 almost-warring team members over trivial issues. Sometimes i wish people would actually grow up and not have petty fights. But i believe in a corporate atmosphere, one will always have some small issues or the other cropping up. After all, its never an ideal world is it ? I didnt go to the gym while coming home because i had a bit stomach cramps. Played with Purav for a while and then, after many days, had Aarnav coming over to watch some cartoons on youtube. After years(Decades infact) i saw Dinosaucers. These were cartoon series that were very popular in Home Video circuit when i was a kid and now we have kids like Aarnav watching it. Watching kiddos watch and enjoy these cartoons brings back lots of pleasant memories of growing up.
Now i will just finish my blog and go off to sleep. Need real long night sleep. Another 3 full days to go before weekend starts.
Good night, Good luck and Amen.

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