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Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 228

What i thought would have been a manic monday, turned out to be relatively calm. Complete quite a lot of work which would have otherwise spilled in to tuesday. And after a long break, i hit the gym and, for my own standards, pumped iron real hard. There was nothing eventful that had happened today which i can write. Through these blogs, i have a confession to make. I never smoke. Nor do i patronize anyone who does. However, i make an exception. Anytime, a female friend gets married / engaged and i just happen to have a crush on her (And there are many that way), i smoke a cigarette. Who is that lady you ask ? Well as the saying in Hindi Goes - नाम मत पुह्चो.... बदनाम हो जायेगी!!!!!
To my friends who cant read hindi, it simply means - Dont ask her name, it will be humiliate her.
And life goes on.
In a while, i will go to sleep. Going to the gym after ages has made me very tired.
Good Night and God Bless you all!! 

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