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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 227

Someone's forcing me to write the blog so here i am, once again, at your service. I am going through some emotional roller coaster ride and hence i am not really in the best of spirits to write anything. Today, i am in a relatively better mood so i will write. Last 4-5 days has been ok as far as work is concerned. What is new in work really ? Nothing much. Its the same old mayhem and same old pressure. But somehow i am managing to cope up with things, professionally speaking. I have still not started my exercise regime because i still get so mentally tired that the last thing i want to do is run on the treadmill or lift weights. :( But GOD WILLING I am planning to start the regime atleast a little bit from tomorrow. I saw a couple of movies. I saw a Michael Moor Documentary - Capitalism - A Love Story and i saw Khatta Meetha. The former is an interesting look at the 2009-09 global recession and the latter is supposed to be a comedy movie and a funny take on Municipal Bureaucracy but it fails big time. Friday evening was well spent at Blend N Brew with ol' friends Fat Guy and Avtaar Baba. I had my favorite dahi kababs after ages and relished every bit of it. Saturday was spent, most of it, at home and enjoying the rains. Sunday was a bit dull and did the usual of reading newspapers, watching a dvd. playing with Purav and a good afternoon siesta. All this while i was also thinking about how time flies. On Friday, I get the news that Sneha(My cousin) will soon be engaged to be married. It seems like yesterday that all of us were young and carefree and used to have a ball of a time growing up. She has been with me through some tough times and now she is going to get engaged soon. I wish her, if she happens to read the blog, all the best for a bright and a prosperous future. What else ? Well, its Sunday and as most of the Sundays go, i havent had a shower since i woke up so in a while, i will have a nice hot shower. Will order some food from any takeaway joint and then i will go to sleep. Tomorrow starts the last week of the month and it promises to be hectic as usual with targets meant to be completed and other such useless stuff.
This weekend, has also been spent, watching and hearing some nice music by members of the Beatles.

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