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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 223

The Last 2 days have been quite emotionally taxing for me. I have seen a close friend being made to work, literally as a White Collar Slave and humble that he is, he took it in his stride with a simple smile on his face. Why do you say it was emotionally taxing for me ? Because i just felt so small that despite whatever that friend has been made to go through, how can just one take it sitting down without complaining one bit or rebelling ? Emotionally taxing because somewhere, not workwise but on a personal level, i am more or less like my friend. I guess, as the saying goes, God gives the most toughest tests to those god loves the most.

Today we had 4 big executives of our company come down from Australia for a half yearly road show. Although they are amongst the most honest (Perhaps the most honest) guys that i have seen in my company, i feel these roadshows are more like an advertising gimmick for the employees to boost their morale and the end, its always a carrot at the end of the stick.
On a relatively lighter note, i managed to finally catch, Tere Bin Laden. A good, but not exceptionally good as some media reports suggested, comedy movie. What do i plan to do the next 2 days ? I want to do absolutely nothing except just relax after i come home and take it more easy at work.
I have also decided, today, that maybe very soon, i will up skill my self. I need to get acquainted and trained for some short term course so that i have a bit more skill set than a normal person at my level. Lets see how that would work. I have, after serious consultation with Chaitanya, decided that a course on Share Trading / Commodity Trading / Investment banking would be ideal. However, i am always open to suggestions and would really appreciate if anyone who is reading this blog to drop in a line or two.

Today after quite a few months, i felt like listening to some Golden Oldies Hindi Songs. And who better to listen than the Great Mohammed Rafi.

For anyone who wants to know what i was listening, click the following links

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