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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 221

Here i am. Back after nearly a week. The week has been quote taxing for me. Even after doing a 7 AM shift, i get so tired and mentally exhausted that i just dont feel like doing anything else or talking to anyone. So i do, where i find my peace of mind. I watch movies. The weekend was spent in watching Inception, Lamhaa and a little known film, Udaan. Inception, was as usual, a classic. Lamhaa was well made. Udaan proved to be a dark horse and one of the finest films ever made in the history of Indian Cinema. A must watch for everyone. The weekend was well spent with me taking mom to see Lamhaa and Udaan and she enjoyed both the movies. On saturday we had a nice late lunch at the Spaghetti Kitchen at Inox and on Sunday we had an early dinner at the Food Court. However when i came home on Sunday evening, i was so tired that i just crashed in to bed. Had to be because i was awake since 1:45 AM in the night and doing a very late night / early morning shift on Sunday. AAAAAhhhh....The sorrows and occupational hazards of working in a 24X7 BPO. Monday, after quite a few weeks, was extremely hectic. Have got unwanted work, along with other colleagues, that needs to be completed by Month end. Well, if its a dirty job and if it has to be done, god willing i will do it. Today i was chatting with the fat guy on the phone. Amongst the many things that we discussed, one of them was how you go through the most unwanted situations in life and how there are certain challenges that life throws at you at the most unexpected time and totally unwanted. Cribbing about it isnt going to change it. Learning to face it will make life relatively easy. And all these challenges gives you the most important thing, experience. Experience to face that situation. Experience to learn from the mistakes that we may make while facing the situation and ensure that the same mistake doesnt happen again. Experience that we should pass it to our colleagues, friends and relatives (only if they ask) so that they may not make the same mistakes that we may have done. All this, may sound like a boring, been-there-heard-that-seen-that talk. Why seems like ? It is. But it is such stuff that makes you a more spiritual person and you realize that at the end of the day, life is like a chess game where the pawn and the kind and all the other pieces, go back in to the same box.
Good Night till then.

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