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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 214

Its been almost 4 days since i have last written anything on my blog. The reason is quite simple. I am exhausted. Last few days, whatever little time i get, i spend in sleeping. For eg - I slept for 10 hours on Friday night and an equal number of hours on Saturday and Sunday. Of course in the midst i saw 3 films, Knight And Day, The best years of our lives and Red Alert - The War within. All distinctively different films and the last 2 being must watch in anyone's list. Of course, there was the world cup football where Germany convincingly beat Uruguay in the 3rd place play off on Saturday and the much talked about world cup final ended with Spain as the winner. Spain is now only the 2nd country to hold 2 titles of Euro Cup and World cup. Wish Netherlands team would have played more calmly and not violently. They would have ended with much less yellow cards and probably the wold cup as well. Proves that when it comes to a crucial match, one must play cool and use the roughness only when required and that too tactfully, which sadly, Netherlands didnt show. Well, its good show Spain. Deserved to win the world cup. Its also the time of the year when the great flu is in the air. Anyone who is everyone is falling sick and quite a few malaria cases as well. Sadly, lot of young kids, including my nephew Purav, have been victims to the flu. Even i have got constant cough since last 2 days but no signs of flu. I wish i had fever for a few days so i can take some time off work. But.... anyways....This more or less sums up my 4 days. There was nothing much happening in my life that i felt was worth writing for in my blog. I do wish to write, that for the last 2-3 days, i have been feeling quite low. I dont feel like interacting with anyone and frankly, i dont even feel like going to work. With the on goings of the last few months, i believe somewhere, it has started to take a toll on my mental health. I wish i get some time off work (Maybe a couple of weeks) so that i can rejuvenate some part of the world, but i dont see that happening atleast for another 2 months. I guess, i will have to hold on till then.
Well, on to something different now. I have checked that ever since i have started writing the blog, i have got data that many people have read the blogs. Although i never get to know who is the person who has read my blog i have come to know that since the inception of the blog late last year, it has been viewed by people from 58 different cities/towns in 17 countries. Wow. Didnt know that my blog was read by so many people around the world. Some of the countries from where People have read the blog are France, South Africa, Vietnam, Greece, Russia and even Pakistan. Very interesting.
All i have to say is, thank you very much. It would be great if anyone of you who reads the blog, puts in a comment or two, share your thoughts and write just about anything that he/she would want to write. It would be great to hear from all of you.
Now i shall take leave and i shall catch you tomorrow.
Good night and Good luck.


  1. Yes, I agree with you that Holland should have kept their cools.... But spain was playing beautiful n controlled football n had not given holland chance to settle as well as the ball possession was more with spain. also its world cup finale, the emotions were high. So the game was dirty. Only 2 goals against spain.... and they lost in last minutes of extra time.

  2. Y u feeling so low n looks disturb, what is troubling u so much.