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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 210

What looked like it would be a normal day at work, turned out to be a damp Squib. Systems, specially the most important voice based applications, got screwed and for many people it remained like that till End of day. My email system got corrupted. Bloody hell, i hate when the systems gets fucked up. If things were not bad, i went for usual breakfast in the morning with Junaid chacha and despite carrying an umbrella which would easily fit an elephant, i got completely wet. Was raining very heavily. And of all the days, the Air conditioning system near my bay was working extra good today. So here i was cold and wet and not even a hot cup of chocolate and fire to warm me. I was praying i fall very will so that i can stay at home for a few days and take rest. Sadly nothing like that happened. Coming back home i did nothing much except the usual web surfing. Well, its a night then, i will hit the sacks. Tomorrow is the last day before the weekend starts and this weekend its gonna be Movies and football.
Cheers and good luck.

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