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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 209

What a dreadful morning...woke at 1:40...tried my level best to stay awake but was so zonked that i just went to sleep again...missed my transport and somehow managed to get up by 4 so that i could reach office, albeit late, but still better late than never...or else i would have ended up working on one of the weekend days. The day was routine. The so called D-Day that was supposed to come on 1st July, came today, although it lasted only 3 minutes. But it was ok. In the end, i got what i baldy wanted. (For more details, please sms me or email me).
Anyways, i came home, had a lovely early dinner of Pasta, Mangoes and Chocolate Eclairs. I believe, in some time, i will go hit the sacks and....and nothing ...waiting for this weekend to start....!!!


  1. Hmm.. lasted just for 3 mins and you wanted it badly :) Sounds little suspicious dude! Would love 2 know what was it that u waited so long for and when u finally got it, was just for 3 mins :) let ur readers know about it.

  2. Do let me also know pls........