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Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 207

As i had said, this was going to be a long long week. Sunday, went off pretty well. Work was very calm and all my work was done on time. After work, went with Kashyap to Chroma. He wanted to specifically buy a Quad Band Dual SIM Mobile Phone. We wanted the Mircomex one but didnt find it anywhere. Eventually, we ended up buying quite a few things nevertheless. We went to Chroma (Which is a huge electronics store) and bought an electronic blood pressure machine, a recharger, recharging batteries and wireless keyboard and mouse. Slowly and steadily we are thinking of making our entire Computer System wireless and in the not so far future we will also have our home set in Wi-Fi. With each room having one pc or a laptop, the house will soon resemble a mini corporate office. I winded up the day early by Sunday Standards. Was in bed by 8:30 PM. Monday was going to be hectic with the All India Bandh announced by the loyal opposition party, i was seriously wondering whether any of the transport vehicles would actually turn up. To my surprise, the vehicle came on time, almost half the office staff decided to stay away. Well, to add to their woes, they will be asked to fill in on Saturday or any of their other work offs. Most of them, will be working on either a Saturday or a Sunday. And contrary to what the electronic media displayed, the roads were visibly empty, the trains were empty but still running very much on time. The only glitch was getting to the station. And since it was, thankfully, not raining, i decided to walk up to the station (Which is a good 1-2 KM walk). So i got a much badly needed exercise regime started in an indirect way.Now i am way too tired to do anything so like any good human being, i will retire to bed. Tomorrow is another day and its going to be more hectic.
Cheers and Good Night. 

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