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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 198

Usual Weekend stuff. Went to see Edge of Darkness last evening. Good thriller. Mel Gibson acts well but i think, now, he should retire from acting and concentrate on film direction. Alpa called up last night(For those who dont know, she is a cousin who is married and is now in Greenville, SC, USA). We chatted for a good 2 hours. 1 hour an 40 minutes were spent in bitching about family. :)
By the time i slept after watching some good football, it was nearly 3 AM. Woke at noon. Then went to see The A Team with Kashyap. Mindless but nice action pic. Coming back home, we stopped over at the Nike Store and i thought i would get myself the Brazil Football Jersey. But at Rs 2800, it was bloody expensive. Lets see, if Brazil wins against Chile, i will buy it nevertheless. Watched South Korea vs Uruguay football match. South Korea fought well but lost 1-2 to one Man --> Luis Suarez. What amazing 2 goals. In a while, i will have a nice hot shower and then Watch Ghana Vs USA. Hopefully Ghana will win the match.
Well, nice start to the weekend.
Good night all ye folks in Internet land.

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