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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 196

Whatever i did today and just about whatever incidents that have happened today, nothing holds any comparison with a shocking piece of news i got from a friend today. One of my colleague at work, Danish Baig, is no more. He succumbed to leukemia. He had it for nearly 3 years and had gone through extensive chemotherapy. He was more or less on a stage of recovery and had even got a promotion at work. Sadly, there was a relapse which proved to be fatal. Danish was not really a close friend but he was a good colleague to work with. Professionally, i would admit, that we had quite a lot of difference of opinions on many things as far as work is concerned. But all of it was very healthy and at the end of the day, Danish was a very passionate person as far as work was concerned. At the department and position that he was in, many people in the same position were extremely arrogant and had huge egos. Danish on the other hand was very open, friendly and mixing. Anyone could walk up to him, irrespective of their designation, and have a good chat with him about anything which is not right in the process / policies and he would give the best possible resolution. Maybe some of his resolutions would not have been favorable but atleast he gave resolutions. For people who knew which position he was in currently, they would know what i am talking about. But all in all, he didnt deserve to go away so early in life. He was, maybe 3-4, years younger to me. A very sad day indeed. Danish, wherever you are, may your soul rest in peace. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
Good night and God Bless.

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