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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 195

Back to work after 4 days hiatus. The climate out was amazing. Kept raining throughout the day, and at the time of writing, it is still raining. Was feeling low at the turn of certain events last night so i was listening to some nice Pink Floyd numbers to keep me pepped up for the day. Very fortunately, work was not as hectic as the routine days and i pray it will remain that for the rest of the week. As of now, i am watching the football world cup. Slovenia vs England where England, surprisingly is leading 1-0 and the other group match of USA vs Algeria is at 0-0. If it continues like that Slovenia and England will scrape through to the next round of 16. The most awaited group match would be, for me atleast, Brazil vs Portugal. I am all geared up for the match on Friday. Brazilll all the way. Well, its good night for me now. Do leave your comments guys!!

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