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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 194

I am back. Had a real nice time at Ghaziabad. Stayed at one of the best hotels of NCR - Country Inn, visited Qutub Minar, ate for an avaerage of 2 people per meal, went for swimming in the pool, enjoyed at my friend's wedding, learnt to enjoy the 45 degrees Celsius heat, took pictures from the plane and in short, got a much deserved break from work. Followed football and it seems the Group of 16 can have just about anyone. With South Africa up 2-0 against France today and then france scoring a goal, anything is possible in the world cup. Also proves how does it take just 1 goal to make a difference in the match. Tomorrow, fortunately, i have a 7 AM shift so i can breathe a little easy tonight. Its raining cats and dogs outside so the weather is awesome. The day couldnt have ended any better. Cheers.

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