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Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 190

Aaah. Friday is finally here. The long weekend starts. As i always do, if i am going on a leave fore 3-4 days, i  sit a liitle extra so that when i resume work, i will start fresh without any load. When i came home, the sky was extremely cloudy and very dark. While it was only 5 PM, it seemed it was 7:15 PM. And then when it rained, it poured. Managed to reach Metro in time to see Raavan. One of the most highly publicized movie of the year. With Mani Ratnam as a director, one had big expectation. However, the final result was a big farce. The acting, by everyone, was super ham. My two cents, give this one a miss. After movie, had a quiet dinner at Govindas. Didnt catch any football action, but missed a tight USA vs Slovenia Match which was a tight 2-2 draw. And the upsests at world cup continue. Serbia beats Germany 1-0. And last night France lost to Mexico 0-2 while Greece defeats Nigeria 2-1 after being 0-1 down. This is one of the best world cups ever. Well tomorrow i am off to Delhi. I hope i get to write my blogs from a cyber cafe out there. Till then, Good afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.

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