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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 189

I hate my company's transport department. Either they pick you up way too early or they pick you up way to late. Absolutely incompetent and if i ever do leave this company, one of the main reason would be the fucking transport department. Again, i had a fight with them early in the morning for not co-coordinating with my team members and making them wait for a fucking 45 minutes before getting a pick up. I swear, if there was an efficient public transport system in the city which would function at 2 in the night, i would have preferred that over the mother fucking transport department anytime.

Having said that, the day was just about normal as it can get. I was quite eager to come home on time so that i could watch the Argentina vs South Korea world cup football match. All i have to say is,Federico Martín Higuaín.... Take a BOW!!! A hat trick and a superb team effort by Team Argentina. Hope they play like that through out the tournament. I also hope, Brazil plays equally well and I get to see a Brazil vS Argentina Final. And it wont be an issue. Mathematically, all they need to do is to ensure that they top the group and win all the matches Starting from Pre Quarter finals. In a while i will have dinner and then retire to bed. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow. Last day at work before a 4 day, much needed, break.
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