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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 188

The start of the day was terrible. Was cramped in the company pick up car with a humongous guy and a petite cute girl. So i guess, god gives justice for all :)
Reached office in the rain (And of all the days, i couldnt find my umbrella today) drenched. The day started ok. It was extremely windy and when i went for my regular breakfast break outside, the climate was awesome. Just didnt feel like working. Coming home was a problem. I got down at Grant Road station and thought i would have some grub at a nearby restaurant. Coming back home, i was completely drenched in the rains. Didnt do much later except surf the net and watch the Chile Vs Honduras  Football Match. It was interesting to see how Honduras were committing foul after foul and the referee didnt give them any yellow cards. Serves them right as Chile played wonderfully to win 1-0. Watching Spain vs Switzerland now. Spain seems to be playing attacking football but cant seem to get the ball pass the post even after 25 minutes. The world cup is getting more and more interesting as it goes.
Well, i will sleep after half time. Need to get as much rest as i can. Just 2 more days of work and then a much needed break.
Good night for now.

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