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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 187

“Electricity is the power that causes all natural phenomenon not known to be caused by something else.”

Just as i was happy about the long weekend that went by well, the lights went out at 8. I would have got a quiet night's sleep had it not been for the panic by mom and to some extent even my brother, who felt so helpless and virtually paralyzed without the lights. I was thinking, come on, our Great Great Grandfather lived, a quarter of a century, in an era which didnt have, proper sanitary system &still managed to live up to almost 90. Lets not let technology rule us. Somehow i managed to sneak in some sleep admist hallucination. I thought i would go to office much late, but decided against it and reached around 20 minutes late. Work was chaotic as usual but somehow managed to scrape through the day. Mom called at around 14:00 stating that the electricity is back. It was for the first time in my life, that a building in South Bombay faced power cut for nearly 16 hours. It was majorly due to a faulty cable. Came home and had a nice shower and early dinner. Watched New Zealand Stun Slovakia with an equalizer in the dying seconds of the extra time - second half. Proves my theory right. This world cup football - 2010, we are going to witness many surprises. In a while, i will watch some movie on DVD and go off to sleep. Hopefully this time the lights wont go out, and if they do, the nut cases in my house wont panic. Well, adieus till then.

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