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Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 186

It was a lovely long weekend that had to sadly come to an end, like all good things in life. After watching Robin Hood on Saturday evening, went for a nice quite dinner at the Golden Lawn. Came back home at 1 AM and watched the remainder of the USA-England football match. By the time i got sleep, it was 5 AM. Woke at 9 on Sunday, just to surf the net and play poker. Watched American Psycho in the afternoon and in the evening went with Uncle Scrooge to see The Karate Kid. Typical summer children's fare to be watched by die hard Jackie Chan fans(Although he has just 1 stunt scene in the movie). After that went out for Dinner with Mom at The Sun and when i came back, i was so damn tired that i just crashed in to bed. I woke up next day at 10:40 AM and was absolutely thrilled at not being in office on a monday morning. Reason --> It was Queen's Birthday in all, but one, states down under. So it was minimum staffing day. Saw Holi after many years(Aamir Khan's first hindi movie) and still found it genuinely entertaining. This was, in my words, the first realistic, coming of age movie, ever produced in Hindi Film Industry(Mere Apne was classic but a little filmy). This month there are only 2 things that everyone is talking about in town., World Cup Football and Monsoon. Seriously, with 2 good things, who the hell would feel like working ? But since all things in life are not free, one might as well, enjoy whatever best option one gets. Well, in a while i will go get my Car which has been given for a full wash, and then enjoy the rains, watch a DVD and then back to bed. Eagerly awaiting next weekend. Goodbye for now.

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