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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 184

After an hiatus of 4 days, i am back. The last 4 days, i was too tired and too pooped out to write anything on the blog. This is a gist of what i have done in the last 4 days:-
1) Watched A Nightmare on Elm Street (New)
2) Bought myself a portable DVD player
3) Enjoyed the cool breeze early in the morning when the first good and heavy rains fell on Friday.
4) Went out with Mom last evening to the club where dad used to go for swimming. Had some lovely snacks and remembered dad as it was his birthday. Its nice to be nostalgic once in a while.
5) Booked the resort for the trip to Ghaziabad next week.
And finally,
Got in to the football mania and it will stay for 1 month. Every 4 years, the most awaited sporting tournament(Even more than the Olympics) is the FIFA World Cup Football. This year, for the first time, the tournament is in South Africa. 2010 World Cup also promises to be the most competitive one ever. Reason --> The match between South Africa and Mexico last night. It ended in a 1-1 draw. The marvelous goal by Tshabalala proved that South Africa is NOT a team to be taken lightly. Had it not been for the 79th minute life saving goal by Mexican Captain Rafael Marquez, it would have been a biggest tournament upset. Even the 0-0 draw between France and Uruguay (Both former world cup winners) proves that no team is to be taken lightly. In the morning i was reading an article by Football legend, Diego Maradona. He mentioned how he is going to have an all attack formation against Nigeria because he feels African teams are not to be taken lightly. Maradona still remembers the 1990 horror when Cameroon beat Argentina in the opening match. And with Senegal's histrionics in the 2002 world cup, no team can be taken lightly. All a team has to do is somewhat score 1 goal and then play ultra defensively to win the match and looking at the 1st match, this tournament could have just about anyone coming up as a winner. The dream would be to have a Brazil Vs Argentina final and Brazil winning it.
Well, today is the start of a very long weekend. Will be watching Robin Hood tonight with the Fat Guy and then for next couple of days, i will watch Karate Kid, a couple of movies on DVDS, and lots of football.
Well cheers till then.

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