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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 180

For the last 2 days, my mind is constantly  thinking about the judgment delivered by a court in Bhopal against the 7 people accused in the worst industrial disaster of the 20th Century - The Bhopal gas tragedy. Nearly 500,000 people were directly or indirectly affected by this inhuman tragedy. And the judgment ? The accused have got sentences of only up to 2 years and many are already pout on bail. The chief accused, Warren Anderson, is absconding since the last 26 years. There are 2 sides to the coin. Union Carbide (The company whose MIC gas killed so many people on that fateful day) have mentioned in their official website that they have offered over $500 million in lawsuit settlements and even offered to built a hospital with the best care to ensure the victims get the best treatment. Its  obvious that none of that has ever been passed to any of the victims. The Indian Government claims they havent got anything ? Cant blame the people because its the same government which provided a private jet to Andersen, a few days after the tragedy to escape to New Delhi from Bhopal and then subsequently USA. So this is the prime example of, whoever wins, we loose. I pray, one day, everyone gets justice.
Well, my day was just routine. For a change, i left at around 1:45 PM from work. As i am writing this blog, i am also watching, a woody allen film on zee studio - Scoop. That guy is hilarious. His one liners are extremely witty and full of black humor. After that i will go hit the sacks. Waiting for the weekend to arrive.
Good bye and good luck.

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