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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 179

So finally the rains have arrived. This year, the rains have been more eagerly anticipated than any other year in the past that i have known of. Every year, the heat has been getting unbearable. Blame the growing air pollution, greenhouse effect and the large increase of carbon footprints. Did you know, more energy has been used in the 20th century than all of the history of human civilization ? By energy, i refer to energy generated due to Electricity which in turn is generated due to oil, and for which, we have supply that would last only about 100 years. So, maybe in the year 2110, we may go back to the medieval ages. Anyways, the point in all this was, just about every newspaper report, every celebrity worth his/her salt. every common man and just about any living being, was eager for the rains to start. When it did start raining (Although not consistent everywhere), many people went out just to get wait. Although, i would rather wait for a couple of more showers because the first rain is more acidic.
I was also thinking about my days as a school going kid, when the monsoon season was the most awaited time. Not because getting wet in the rain had its own sweet charm. Not because having a hot shower in the Bathroom was absolutely amazing during the rains. Not because of the yummy hot Pakoras or any other hot snacks along with Hot chocolate that we savored.  Not because of official football season. Not because of sleeping in the nice cool windy nights. It was because of one game. One passion. One true love. KINGS!!!
Does not ring a bell ? I thought as much. :)
Kings is an intense game that was randomly invented by some of our old building chaps. Here there are no teams. Its each one for himself. One person will have his "Den". The game consists of a group who will revolve around the person who has his "Den." That one person needs to ensure that he tags the person who has a football in his hand before he throws to another player. The catch is, the player who has the football in his hand, needs to hold it by the nails / Claws, and not by the fingers in whole. If you catch or hold the ball by the finger, then you are out and you need to be the one having "Den." Now this would seem like a fairly simple game, but in reality, it can get very violent. There have been lots of fist fights, falling in the mud / concrete ground, getting bruises because of Kings. And the best time to play, would be during the rains. It was awesome. If i ever played that game now, i would get tired after just about 20 minutes of playing. But maybe around 20-22 odd years back, it was a passion.
How i miss those days. Growing up in the 80s and early 90s was absolutely fantastic. The rains bring back such lovely memories.
Well, i just felt i had to write this blog early so that my train of thoughts dont miss the station.
In a while, i will go have a nice hot shower and then watch a movie on DVD, play some online poker and then back to bed.
Cheers to you all.

PS -- How about sharing some of your fond memories of monsoon in this forum ??? :)

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  1. I hope it starts raining heavily and continues till end of september.My memories of monsoon are getting wet in the rain with my sis-in-laws and riding with my hubby on his bike at Gateway of India and eating hot and juicy bhuttas.