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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 178

It was a well spent weekend. After a near disastrous friday evening :), i woke up at around 11 AM on saturday. I was expecting a call from my colleague in office, Junaid and Jigar and had plans to eat at Delhi Durbar but they left late from Malad due to peak hour train traffic. So i guess the lunch will have to be postponed for another day. Over the weekend i saw Raajneeti (A very interesting take on Mahabharat) and the Spielberg's (Produced not directed) Poltergeist. Its good to spend the weekend watching a few intense and psychotic films. Also booked the hotel at Country Inn for the Delhi trip after a couple of weeks. I really need this break. Will be a good change because on 1st July 2010 (A few days after i come back), there is going to be some interesting events that will take place in my life. The tootache has gone, however, the molars still hurt when i chew from my left side. Will go to visit the dentist in a few days. This week, promises, to be another long week at work. Lets see how that works out. Well, i will go to sleep now. June 2010 promises to be a long long long month. Cheers. 


  1. So 1st July is the D-day! Nice to know that you are joining the married people club. Please do invite us. Best wishes to you.

  2. No its not that...its something else..