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Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 176

Start for a very long day. Work was fucking hectic. I managed to finish only by 3:30 PM, post which i was in the relax room for a while. In the evening i went out to have a nice early dinner / late lunch at pizza hut - Inorbit. And then, for the most awaited movie - Shutter Island. It was a very irritating start because by the time we settled, they decided to show Shrek 4. The audiences were visibly upset and went to storm the cinema manager's cabin when the theatre guys realised their mistake and then showed Shutter Island instead - After a delay of nearly 30 minutes. The movie was quite amazing and simply the kind of movie i like, neurotic and psychic. Unfortunately that was exactly the kind of movie that, the person i went out with, didnt like. The person must have verbally abused me in the mind, a 1000 times. But, frankly, even i didnt expect a Martin Scorsese movie to be so psychic. Not that it was something bad, but not all people would like that kind of movie. Well, thats the end of that i guess. Movie ended by 8:45 and i came home by 10. It was amazing that despite sitting in an AC car and coming out of a centralized AC mall, i was sweating like hell. It was good to have a nice hot shower and now, in a while, after writing the blog, i will go to sleep and for atleast 10-12 hours. Weekend after all, dont want to waste it doing anything productive.
Good night.

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