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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 175

God damn it. Why doesnt the weekend start soon ? I was so bloody tired today when i woke up. Work was chaotic for a thursday. And in between, the systems got fucked up. 2 things i really detest about my job. The transport and the systems. In the last 1 year, there has not been a single day when i didnt face issues from both these departments in the company. Totally mind fucked today. Even if the systems are down for 30 minutes, its almost 1 hour of work that is delayed and i hate delays. And to make things more difficult, my team lead calls and cant make it to work because he is not at the best of his health and i end up doing some of his task. Fair enough, its all part of team work. But unfortunately, today, i was not in the best of spirits to do that work. I guess, since i didnt have a choice, i did it anyways. For whatever Harsh has done for me in these last 2 years, i am sure a little adjustment can be managed.
So that was where work was concerned. Coming back home, i was with a couple of colleagues who i dropped mid way. We discussed a few things. It was mainly me giving them advise about how to handle the work situation. Hopefully, they will take the right decision on what needs to be done. Coming back home, i was quite tired. In the evening, Saloosh called up. Now he is one of my oldest friends. Been friends since kinder-garden.We spoke quite a bit on the phone and it was great chatting up with a school chum after quite a lot of time. Hopefully in the next few months, i will make atleast 1 trip down to Chennai to meet up and have some real good time.
Well, its time to go to bed. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow. Its friday. And evening will be movie time. - Much awaited movie - Shutter Island. And with someone special :) :) :) :)

Good night.

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