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Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 172

And its a Monday Bloody Monday. A long week ahead. Work was routine for a monday morning. Usual Chaos. Usual tons of workload piled on the desk waiting to be completed. The tootache kept coming every 5-6 hours. However i refuse to go to the dentist till it gets to a point where its a life an death situation. Purav is going to his nana-nani's place because Kashyap wants to study in peace for his CFA exams. Strangely, with Kashyap's most unorthodox ways of studying, i am sure he will scrape through the 3rd level of this examaination. For those who came in late, Kashyap is my younger brother (Although he acts and behaves as if he is my Dad's dad) and no one likes to take any Pangas, with this fierce Leo. He is studying for one of the most toughest exams so that he can upgrade his skills. He studies with the TV on and he studies for 1 hour and watches TV for a couple of hours. Somehow, all his life he has studied like that and has always managed to pass with good scores. Wish i could have the skills to do something like that. So now, its just Kash, Mum and me in the house. As i am writing this blog, i am feeling extremely sleepy so till the body can not take any more torture, i will keep writing. :)
Well..on second thoughts, forget it.
Good night.

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