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Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 169

What a nice day. There was very little work to do, where managing team was concerned, and hence i managed to complete most of my escalations without a glitch. I am pretty sure Monday wont be like that, but i dont have to worry about that now. I was quite eager for the work day to end, mainly because i was going out on a lunch date with a special friend. 2 of us went to Ruby Tuesday at Malad. One of us (No prize for guessing who) ate a meal for 3 and one of us ate a meal meant for just 1. LOL. We had a nice time. The nice lunch date was interrupted by an impromptu call by my team ops manager for a crisis (Which was really foreseen but no one gave it importance). That kind of made me upset, but i got over it as soon as the phone ended. No personal grudges against him because he has his own set of pressure. Mr Manager. I am with you. We will work together and have this issue resolved as well. Then we were just strolling in the mall and went back home later. But this was a very nice memorable evening. Coming back home i was playing with Purav. It was nice to see the Neighbor's kids, Abhaa (She is Snow White really) just staring at Purav and Purav Staring at her. LOL. And then, Aarnav Dada walks in and starts telling stories and reciting poems to Purav. Now mind you, Aarnav is just 4 years old, not started basic school. Yet he can read well. He has an amazing grasping power and for a kid of his age, he is much mature and responsible. Its so great to have kids like that around. They prove to be a much better company than some adults i know. Well, in a while i will just go to sleep. I have been up since 2:30 AM last night and i need to sleep for atleast 10-12 hours and catch up on some long lost sleep. Hopefully this weekend i will catch up on a couple of movies.
Well, its good night and good luck from me. Have a nice and a safe weekend.

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