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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 168

Air India. The most fucked up airlines in this country, and probably the world. Its not even been a week after the terrible crash of the Air India Dubai-Mangalore Airlines where nearly 158 innocent people lost their lives and the employees are going on a strike and ensuring they are troubling the lives of hundreds of passengers in the interim. They are also threatening to go on another strike from June 12th. I am furious because for the first (and most possibly for the last time) i decided to go against all odds and fly the national airlines to go to New Delhi in the last week of June for a wedding and i spent a good amount of money for the tickets. And now, guess what ? I have no idea whether the flight will actually take off or not. The airlines founded by the original aviator and the most honorable businessman of modern India - JRD Tata, and once upon a time the most prestigious and respected airlines in the world is now one of the worst airlines and almost on the verge of bankruptcy. I sincerely hope and pray that my flight does not get cancelled or rescheduled.
Well, i didnt have a very eventful day at work but with the events happening at Air India through out my mind today, what i did at work is not really worth writing today.
In a while i will go to sleep. Just saw "Up in the air" for the 2nd time. What a movie. In more ways than 1 i can identify with the character of George Clooney in the movie. Speaking of movies, i can think of so many movies in which i can identify my own life passing in front of me. Arjun (1985), Shakti (1982), Dil Chahta Hai (2001), Style (2002), Up In the air (2009), Bringing out the dead (1999) and a few others which i cant particularly remember but the ones i mentioned stand out strong. Well, i guess, truth is stranger than fiction.
Good Night.


  1. I have read some 8-9 post of yours in last 1 week. And each of one of it made me feel you are happy go lucky person. But this post of yours is just out of sync with your other blog post. In today's world when there is so much hatred and violence, how can someone identifies himself with characters of Arjun, Shakti and Up int the Air? To me, Arjun is the most senseless violence movie made. Search for peace.

  2. To each his own my friend. But why do you remain anonymous ?

  3. Agree with you. Anonymous might be better option. Soon will create login for myself. It will not long. I like your writing method. It could be better if you give some subject to your post.

  4. Subject?? Naa..its just each day as it comes. But now you have got me curious about you :)
    Do i know you?

  5. No we do not know each other. Was googling for some reviews on up in the air and found your blog. Kept reading it for awhile and found it really good. The way you go about your daily stuff.