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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 167

For all those who read my blogs on a daily basis and have been thinking, where the fuck was i ? Well, i was here. I was just too stressed out to write anything. Monday was bad because i hardly slept in the night. As i speak, i have no idea what i did on Monday afternoon as i came back from work. From my memory, i guess all i did was come home, sleep in the afternoon, wake up for a couple of hours and then sleep again. Yesterday was no better. I drover nearly 90 Kms from Malad to Fort to ISKCON to Breach Candy to Home...AAAGHHH!!!!
I was so tired that i just had a shower and just crashed in to the bed.
Today work was absolutely pathetic. Half the day was gone in taking care of a behavior issue with a "problem child" in my team. Somehow i managed to do all my work in time.
Came home and then saw half of one of my all time fav movie - Up in the air. George Clooney Rocks.
What will i do now ? Well, what all respectable people down under would be doing. I will be sleeping.
Well, its been a boring week and i am hoping, this friday, after shift i would go for a nice lunch with "someone special." :)

Just hope things go well.

Good night and good luck.

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