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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 164

Its been a very tiring weekend. I had to go to office at 3 AM on a saturday night. Then there was a major chaos on who will be sitting in which bay, which eventually got sorted out but wasted 1 hour of my time which could have spent in doing something more productive. I came home in the afternoon. Played some poker online. Then i went in the evening to watch Kites. Now Kites is a movie in Spanish-English-Hindi. Just like Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds (Which was in French-Italian-German-English). Anyways, so with all the hype, the movie deserves a 2 and a half star out of 5. 1 Star for the ending (which was correct but absolutely filmy), 1 star for the wonderful cinematography and half a star for sparing the audience of useless sequence of actor/actress bursting in to a song. Coming back home after the movie, we went to Govinda for a nice dinner and also to the ISCKON temple. (I am getting more and more spiritual in the coming days). Went to meet nana for a while and when i came home at around 10:30, i was absolutely sloshed. I just crashed in to the sofa. I gathered strength at around midnight to come in to the room and just go to slumberland. I woke up at around 11:30 AM today and read the usual sunday newspapers. Also made plans to catch up with the Fat Guy and Avtaar Baba at our favourite hang out - Blend N Brew. I ordered 5 Dahi Kababs this time. This time even the cook was astonished. How can someone order so much :) :) We had a few laughs over Fat Guy's jokes and one liners. Surprisingly there was no spiritual talk this time. Which was because i didnt drink. Came home and went for a drive with Mom and Kashyap to get some rasgoolas for Nana. Met Purav and played with him for a while in the compound and now i am home. Tired and sweaty. Man, at the rate of the scorching heat, i think i will be better off living in a swimming pool rather than my own home. In a while, i will submit my movie review of Kites, watch some movie on DVD and just go to bed.
Another weekend gone :(

Another useless week at work starts tomorrow.
Dekh legey zor kitna bazoo-e-qatil main hai!!!

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